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Rachel's Fire Island is proud to be a reliable source for takeout food for homeowners throughout the Ocean Beach community. No matter where you are, whether it be right in Ocean Beach, Fire Island, or anything in the world, having reliable food takeout can go a long way. Of course, we all love to go out to eat our favorite restaurant (which we hope is Rachel’s!). But we also understand the draw and comfort of eating at home. You can choose nearly any food off of our menu and order it as part of a takeout delivery anywhere in the Ocean Beach area. So you can get our famous Black Magic cake.

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For more information about the food delivery and takeout options available for Ocean Beach residents, please contact us today. We will gladly answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding our menu. You can also give us a call at 631-583-9552. When you call, you can place your order or simply learn more about what have to offer our customers. For special orders, please call in advance of 24 hours. This way we have the necessary time to get your order prepared! So please, reach out today and get in touch Rachel’s Restaurant and Bakery, one of the most popular restaurants in Fire Island!

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Food Takeout For Ocean Beach

Rachel’s offers delicious options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can check out our menu to see all that we have to offer. We are sure you will be satisfied. You can come down and check out our bakery and restaurant. Or you can simply order from your home in the Ocean Beach area and opt for food from our takeout menu. Any way you slice it, we are there for you when you are hungry. You can easily order online!

We have beverages, beers and wines to choose from. Great options to pair with your meal. We also have a section on our menu dedicated to children. We know they are picky eaters, which is why we give them a great selection of yummy foods to choose from.

About Rachel’s Restaurant & Bakery

In 1975, Rachel Doering founded Rachel’s Restaurant and Baker. It started out as just a tiny bakery. Selling only a few classic items, like chocolate chip cookies and Black Magic cake. Items you can still purchase today, by the way! However, by 1990, the tiny bakery in Fire Island grew in size to include a full restaurant. So naturally, both Rachel and her bakery became staples in the Fire Island community, which also offers food takeout and delivery to patrons throughout Ocean Beach.

Renters and locals alike in Fire Island and Ocean Beach know that Rachel’s Bakery & Restaurant is one of the best places to get delicious food in the area. A trip to Rachel’s will satisfy any craving. Whether you want a delicious family breakfast, a date-night dinner, or a cookie at 4 am. Rachel’s is there! People come from all over Long Island to try a slice of our unbeatable crumb cake. We even get calls to request mailed deliveries off-island! But we do offer easy takeout and delivery food options for people residing in the Ocean Beach area.