Have a Delicious Breakfast on Fire Island

Enjoy Breakfast at Rachel's Bakery & Restaurant!

Everybody loves breakfast and at Rachel's Bakery you have the option to eat a delicious breakfast. We have many great options on our menu, including breakfast staples like pancakes and french toast. But where our menu actually flourishes is with our eggs and omelets. We can cook the eggs just how you like it! Due to our great menu, no matter what sort of mood you are in, our breakfast options will surely hit the spot!

Fire Island, as you likely know, is a summer spot, so unfortunately we have to close during the winter months. Every October we close for the winter and open up again the following spring. We know you miss us, but we come back every year with a bang! So if the weather is warming up, check out our restaurant and bakery!

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Rachel's Restaurant and Bakery was founded in 1975 and has blossomed into a wonderful spot to eat breakfast on Fire Island, New York. It has become a staple in the Fire Island community and many venture down to have breakfast at this lovely Ocean Beach spot. Whether you are a local who spends every summer in Fire Island or a Long Islander making a trip here, be sure to check us out. You won't be disappointed!