Brunch At Rachel's Fire Island

Have a Boozy Brunch at Rachel's!

Who doesn't love a little brunch action? At Rachel's Fire Island, we have a brunch menu that will surely hit the spot. So come on down and enjoy a delicious meal. From our breakfast specialties, to our eggs and omelets, our brunch menu is filled with yummy options. And make it a boozy brunch at Rachel's Fire Island too! We have Bloody Mary's and mimosas on the menu for your enjoyment. As always, drink responsibly.

Brunch has become a popular option for many. That is because in many ways you can combine breakfast and lunch and save time in the rest of your day. Many people come to Fire Island to vacation, so time is of the essence to begin with. By opting for brunch, you can save time on your vacation and still get your fixing on meals that will satisfy your taste buds.

Coming to Rachel's Fire Island Restaurant & Bakery for brunch is perfect for those who come to Fire Island during the summertime to vacation and relax. When you come to brunch, you do not need to wake up super early to eat breakfast. If you are here vacationing, you can wake up and relax first. Enjoy the beach. Maybe make a pot of coffee and have a light snack. And then when you are ready, you can head out for your brunch. Fill up on delicious food and then have the whole rest of your day. Not needing to worry what you are going to have for lunch, since you presumably filled up at our restaurant. Once again saving you time to simply relax on the beach or your rental house.

Rachel's Fire Island Delicious Brunch Menu

As mentioned, we have a great selection of brunch options to choose from. We have a great selection of omelets that are made up of three farm fresh eggs and come with breakfast potatoes and a homemade biscuit on the side. Or you can opt for our eggs, which we make in a variety of styles. We also have a Fire Island favorite of Rachel's Famous Bran Pancakes. And if you are bringing kids, do not worry, we do have a breakfast menu just for them.

And of course you have the option of choosing items from our Fire Island famous bakery! Check out our full menu to see all that we have to offer! For more information about having brunch at Rachel's Fire Island, please give us a call. The number for our office is (631) 583-9552. When you call, we can happily answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding our menus. We also offer great catering options for those in the Fire Island area.

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